The Anthology of Bagpipe Music and Military History

The Anthology of Bagpipe Music and Military History is a collection of tunes and stories of military battles and individuals from 1750 through today as seen through the lens of bagpipe music and the stories behind them.

The Anthology series was transcribed and assembled by Lieutenant Colonel Milan J. Kobulnicky, US Army Special Forces Retired, Williamsburg, Virginia and Dr. Peter L. Heineman, Council Bluffs, Iowa with the exceptional help of: Chief Warrant Officer 5 Jay Leasure, US Army Retired; Sergeant First Class Michael Connell; John Haynes, London, England, London Irish Pipes and Drums; Harry Stevenson, Northern Ireland, RSPBA Judge Retired; and, pipers from around the globe.

The Anthology comprises eight collections:

Collection 1:  Pre-World War I (1750 through 1905)

Volume 1: 1750 to 1900 Wars in North America

Annex A: History of US Military Pipe Bands

Volume 2: Wars on the Continent (Napoleon and Crimea)

Volume 3: India and Afghanistan

Volume 4: Africa and Boer War

Collection 2:  World War I

Volume 1: The Battles (1914 to 1918 and Occupation)

Volume 2:  Leaders and Heroes NEWLY ADDED

Volume 3: The Military Units (Army, Navy and Air Force) NEWLY ADDED

Volume 4: Special Occasions

Collection 3:  World War II

Volume 1: Northern Europe

Volume 2: Africa

Volume 3:  Far East, China, Burma, India, New Guinea

Volume 4:  Italy

Volume 5:  Leaders and Heroes

Volume 6:  Anniversaries and Memorials

Collection 4:  Post-World War II (1950 to present)

Collection 5:  Regimental Marches and Duty Tunes

Volume 1a: United Kingdom – Navy, Army & Air Force UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Volume 1b: United Kingdom – Irish Regiments UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Volume 2: Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, USA

Collection 6:  Special Collections

· Prisoners of War

· Paratroopers/Commandos

· 51st Highland Division

Collection 7:  Military Units

Collection 8:  Piobaireachds (1750 to Present)

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